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The Rector’s Residence in Monroe, Maine


Large-scale grid outages have increased in the last couple of years in the United States. Some home and business owners are responding by making their properties more resilient. Although there are many ways to achieve this, solar energy systems with battery back and high-performance building techniques are growing in popularity. This article in Home Power features the Rector family residence in Monroe, Maine. Their high-performance home is located in an area known for frequent and sometimes extended power outages. This project uses insulation,

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2 Strategies for Preventing Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms


Many of our homes and offices are making us sick. Building finishes, cleaning products, and furniture off-gas toxic chemicals. Although certain synthetic fragrances might smell like a spring meadow or bouquet of flowers, many contain toxic chemicals and sometimes carcinogens. Even the new car smell is comprised of volatile organic compounds and off-gassing chemicals. Sadly, for people suffering from chemical sensitivity, even low-level exposure to these synthetic chemicals can create debilitating symptoms. Common causes & symptoms of chemical sensitivity Multiple chemical sensitivity

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Zehnder’s ComfoValve Luna S125


The Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 supply air valve is suitable for installation on walls and ceilings. It has been developed for use in the supply air area of the air distribution system and can be combined with the Zehnder CLRF and Zehnder TVA-P grille housings or other air outlets with nominal sizes of DN 125. Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 blends in with all architectural styles due to its discreet appearance. The optimized flow characteristics ensure silent and convenient operation. The supply

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6 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer


With summer in full swing, many families are looking for ways to lower their cooling bills. High summer temperatures and humidity can cause your electric bills to skyrocket in the summer months. Follow these tips to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down. Turn off your air conditioner at night If you live in a climate with cool nighttime temperatures, turn your cooling system off at night and use the windows for ventilation. In the morning, before it warms up

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Results Are In: Testing Confirms Zehnder ERV Boosts Indoor Air Quality in Family Home


This is the second post in a two-part series about the Mastrangelo residence and the family’s efforts to address chronic health problems by resolving indoor air quality issues. When the Mastrangelo family had renovated and expanded their Massachusetts cape home several years ago, they added spray foam insulation to the entire second floor and roof. They wanted to make their home as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Sadly, the family soon started suffering from indoor air quality issues that took years to solve, until

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4 Strategies for Avoiding Home Asthma Triggers


Spring is a difficult time for many asthma sufferers. Environmental factors such as mold and pollen can trigger asthma symptoms. As humidity and pollution levels rise throughout the spring into the summer, asthma attacks can become more prevalent or severe. To compound the issue, most people that have asthma also experience seasonal allergies. Asthma is a condition that causes the swelling of airways. About 8 percent of the population has asthma, and that number is on the rise. Although it is

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How Bedroom CO2 Levels Impact Restful Sleep


When we think of carbon dioxide levels, most of us think of burning fossil fuels or climate change, yet, elevated indoor levels of carbon dioxide are also concerning due to the effects on the human brain and overall health. Unfortunately, many schools, cars, gyms, offices, meeting rooms, and bedrooms have concerning levels of carbon dioxide that impact our cognitive and decision-making abilities. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is created from metabolic activity. People and animals exhale carbon dioxide.

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Lyme Disease Prevention


Each year, 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the United States and thousands more may go undiagnosed. Lyme disease infection is most common in the spring, summer, and fall, so now is a good time to become more aware of how to prevent and treat it. The Upper Midwest and the Northeast account for the vast majority of Lyme disease cases. If you live in one of these areas, it is especially important to safeguard your family. Sadly, the

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3 Nasty Air Contaminants and HOW to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality


Is your home’s air making you sick? Is contaminated home air triggering coughs, wheezing, asthmas, and sinus problems in your family? Many families suffering from asthma, allergy symptoms, chemical sensitivity, fatigue, sinus issues, and chronic health ailments wonder if indoor air pollution is causing or exacerbating symptoms. Although tobacco smoke is widely known to cause respiratory issues, other harmful pollutants may go unnoticed. Sadly, indoor air quality is often closely linked to a variety of health ailments and any homes have

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How the Mastrangelo’s Used Zehnder Systems to Improve IAQ


When the Mastrangelo family had renovated and expanded their Massachusetts cape home several years ago, they added spray foam insulation to the entire second floor and roof. They wanted to make their home as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Sadly, the family soon started suffering from indoor air quality issues that took years to solve until they discovered and installed a Zehnder ComfoAir 200 energy recovery ventilator. Indoor Air Quality Issues Plague the Family The Mastrangelos noticed a difference in their home’s air

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