Air Quality for Hospice and Home Health Care


Hospice care or home health care are important for people who are ill, elderly, or suffer from chronic conditions. No matter how you choose to care for your loved ones, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked: air quality.

Those who already have poor health issues are more at risk from issues with bad air quality. Health studies have shown that air pollution levels considered safe for healthy adults can cause serious problems for seniors or those suffering from chronic illnesses. Many conditions can be aggravated by air pollution including lung and heart conditions or asthma.

Studies show that even short-term exposure to air pollution, even at levels that are considered safe for healthy adults, correlate with premature death rates among seniors and those with compromised immune systems.

When choosing a hospice for a loved one, make sure to consider air quality. Ask about how air is filtered and how air quality is determined at potential hospices. A quality hospice will be able to tell you how they keep patients safe from poor air.

If your loved one is able to stay at home, you need to consider the air quality of your home for their health care. Make sure your ventilation system has quality air filters to ensure the air is free of particulates and pollutants. Zehnder America offers fine filters up to MERV 13 to ensure your home is safe.

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