When Jay Clementi, owner of Steeplechase Builders was diagnosed with Lyme disease, he was not alone…
The Center for Disease Control estimates that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States, and it is especially prevalent in the Northeast and Upper Midwest. Read More

Jay Clementi, owner of Steeplechase Builders

“We selected the Paul by Zehnder for this 1st Internationally certified Passive House Project in Canada because of its outstanding quality, highest efficiency and ease of operation as the market leader in North America. Zehnder was extremely helpful with planning and implementing the system also ensuring that it works as intended.”

Alexander Maurer, Managing Director, Marken Projects, Vancouver, BC

“With Zehnder, I was provided everything I need from the unit to the tubing to the accessories for a smooth installation of the system. It’s a good feeling when you order a product that performs as well as advertised.”

Danny Barnhart, Homeowner, Bellvue, CO

“The Zehnder system allows us to install a high quality balanced and distributed ERV/HRV solution without the need to install large soffits or chases.  This systems ducts fit nicely in a 2 x 4 wall, and operate using very low energy, actually exceeding the Passive House requirements for energy use.”

Brandon Weiss, Owner, Weiss Building and Development LLC, Chicago, IL

“With Zehnder’s HRV, you know that you have a well-engineered system to provide continuous fresh air. Zehnder offers great support throughout including commissioning so that the builder can be confident specifying Zehnder in future projects.”

Allen Gilliland, One Sky Homes, Owner, San Jose, CA

“We chose Zehnder HRVs for the Hollis Montessori Passive House School because of its great combination of high efficiency, low noise, and adaptable controls. The demand-controlled ventilation option allows us to automatically vary the ventilation rate based on the occupancy of the classroom”

Jordan Goldman, Engineering Principal, ZeroEnergy Design, Boston, MA

“For TerraHaus we needed an HRV to be as efficient as possible in order to meet the passive house standard for annual heating demand. The Comfoair 550 had the required capacity for this residence hall with 10 occupants, and the Zehnder tubing system made the installation easy without altering framing or building chases.”

Alan Gibson, Principal, G O Logic LLC, Belfast, Maine