Zehnder Videos

Wiring LAN C and ComfoSense C67 to a ComfoAir Q
Gary Baggett walks through the wiring of a LAN C and the ComfoSense C67 controller to a Zehnder ComfoAir Q unit
Commissioning The World’s Most Efficient Fresh Air System
Matt Risinger explores what goes into commissioning a Zehnder system.
Wiring on the ComfoAir Q - Option Box, Lan-C, Boost Switches and More
Join Service Manager Gary Baggett as he demonstrates how to properly wire options to the Zehnder CAQ Unit. Options discussed include Option Box, boost switches, LAN-C, controllers and more.
Changing Zehnder Cone Filters
Gary Bagget explains how to change out the cone filters on the Zehnder return valves.
How the Zehnder HRV/ERV System Works
See how the system works.
ComfoAir 70 - Zehnder America
Re-introducing the ComfoAir 70.
Pre-Commissioning a CAQ Unit Start Up
Gary Bagget walks viewers through how to start up the CAQ Units and how to run the pre-commissioning start up program. After this process has been completed, a commissioning can be requested.
Zehnder HRV with Ground Source Pre-heater High-performance
In this presentation in Fairbanks, Alaska, you'll learn how a Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilator with a Ground Source Pre-heater ensures that the incoming fresh filtered air, even in extreme -50 below temperatures, comes into the home only a few degrees below room temperature. This ensures a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

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