Care About Your Indoor Air Month


February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month, and we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should care about the air in your home—and how to improve it.

Your home can also be home to mold, dust, dander, and other air pollutants.

  • Indoor air pollution can be increased by lack of cleaning or adding pollutants such as paint to the home. Paint and many consumer furnishing and home products release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.
  • Simply existing in the home causes pollution. Carbon monoxide and high humidity are byproducts of everyday activities such as cooking or showering.
  • Even short term exposure to air pollutants can cause health problems.
  • Some air pollutants, like carbon monoxide, can be fatal with high concentrations.
  • Mold growing in the home in colder months can bring a plethora of health problems.

Indoor air pollution can be a cause of serious health issues.

  • Air pollution is one of the risk factors for heart attacks and strokes, according to the American Heart Association.
  • People suffering from existing lung disorders such as asthma or COPD can be triggered by small amounts of air pollution.
  • Long term exposure can be the cause of respiratory illnesses like asthma or other conditions such as heart disease or cancer.
  • Removing air pollution from your home can cause instant relief for some health issues.

Quality ventilation can vastly improve indoor air quality.

  • Airflow is an important thing to consider for indoor air quality. One of the most effective ways to lower the concentration of indoor air pollution is to bring in outside air.
  • Ventilation can vary from room to room within a building, and so can the quality of air in each room.
  • Airtight modern homes can be a detriment to indoor air quality.
  • Even if you do not experience harmful effects from indoor air pollution, others may be more affected than you.

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