Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilation Units

Quality ventilation should enhance your life, not interrupt it. Zehnder’s high-efficiency Energy Recovery (ERV) Ventilators and Heat Recovery (HRV) Ventilators ensure optimal indoor air quality and comfortable living for energy-efficient construction with constant, quiet air exchange. Zehnder systems act as a building’s lungs, continuously extracting stale air from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms while supplying fresh, filtered air to living spaces—all while saving you money on energy costs by preserving heat from the home in the winter months and assisting in maintaining optimal humidity levels (ERV). 

Our systems are used in both retrofit and new construction projects and are suitable for many applications, from apartments and single-family homes to commercial spaces. 

The first step in adding world-class ventilation to your project is to fill out the Quote Request Form online, being sure to attach floor plans for the project. One of our expert salespeople will create a custom quote for your project, which includes the unit or units that will work best with your plans, as well as our proprietary, easy-to-install distribution components to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. 


Zehnder ComfoAir Q ERV and HRV units are some of the most advanced ventilation systems on the market today. Q systems provide a world-class and energy-efficient indoor climate. The Q’s superior performance means that your home will have a continuous exchange of fresh, filtered air while maintaining some of the most efficient heat recovery in the industry. Its quiet operation means the only things you will notice in your home are improved air quality and lower energy bills. 

When paired with Zehnder’s distribution components, the self-balancing ComfoAir Q is easy to install and operate. An optional LAN-C wireless connection puts the controls at your fingertips with our smartphone app. 


This decentralized unit is great for one room applications, such as apartments, and works to provide optimal indoor comfort and efficiency with an ERV core. The CA 70 offers simple and quick installation with minimal intrusion into the living space, as well as an attractive and discreet appearance. The plastic outside wall panel can be painted over to match the color of the wall. The unit provides quiet operation for maximum living comfort, even in inner-city residential areas.

Zehnder ComfoAir 160 HRV ERV System


The Zehnder ComfoAir 160 is ideally suited for apartments where it provides balanced ventilation with a constant supply of fresh air. It is equally well suited to new build and refurbishment applications. It incorporates constant volume motors to ensure guaranteed installed performance under all conditions and incorporates a summer bypass to provide cool night air during the summer months to increase comfort. There are an optional resistance pre-heater and an ERV option. The CA160 is a Certified Passive House Component.

Zehnder Comfoair 200 HRV ERV System


Designed for excellent efficiency and installation in smaller homes or apartments, the CA 200 can be mounted vertically or horizontally. With a maximum capacity of 125 cfm, the CA 200 has been certified at 92% efficiency by the Passive House Institute. Features include ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer bypass cooling, frost protection mode, and optional resistance pre-heater and ERV option. Additional options and accessories also available. The CA 200 is a Certified Passive House Component (HRV only).