Building Green, Stylish and Prefabricated


In this AOL Real Estate article, Sheri Koones explains how a high-efficiency home in Connecticut was built fast, stylish and sustainable.  Learn how a Zehnder system was incorporated into the project  

Essential Ventilation for Modern Energy-Efficient Homes


The most common way to ventilate older homes use to be to open windows and doors.  Modern energy-efficient buildings require modern mechanical ventilation, HRV or ERV systems, for optimal indoor air quality and comfort. In this AOL Real Estate article, Sheri Koones explains how HRV and ERV systems work in modern energy-efficient homes.

A Year in a High-Performance Home


Sarah Lozanova describes her first year in the Belfast Ecovillage. Fresh air, energy efficiency, comfort and moisture control are some of the topics discussed.

5 Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality


As energy-efficient homes become tighter and tighter with less air infiltration, indoor air quality deteriorates without proper ventilation and mindfulness. It’s important to minimize indoor air pollutants within the home, while boosting healthy practices. There are many simple actions you can do for better indoor air quality and comfortable indoor living.

Zehnder America Introduces New US Made HRV/ERV Air Distribution Components


Zehnder America starts local sourcing initiative using American manufacturing for its new ComfoFlex ducting and register boxes. As the demand for Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Comfosystems has increased significantly in the US market over the past few years, Zehnder will continue to look to locally source additional components in the coming years