Your Heart & Lungs


Bad air quality can be the root cause of a slew of health problems. The most common problems affect the heart and lungs. Make sure that you are aware of the air quality in areas where you spend your time to ensure you stay healthy.

Polluted air carries small particles of smoke or other harmful materials. By breathing in this air, you are bringing these pollutants into your lungs. The pollution can spread to your blood and can be a trigger for serious diseases such as heart attacks or stroke.

Those most at risk include the elderly or those who are already immunocompromised. Short exposure to air pollution can cause a rise in blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. If a person already has pre-existing conditions, they are at risk for serious problems arising from these short-term issues.

People with known heart or lung conditions are often told to stay indoors when the air quality index shows poor quality in outside air. However, for many people, indoor air can also be harmful. A quality ventilation system can be what is needed to keep you and your loved ones healthy when they need to stay indoors.

Keep you and your loved ones healthy by ensuring the air you breathe is safe. You can make sure your home’s air quality is always good by investing in a good ventilation system.

Zehnder America has the ventilation system you need to keep your family safe.