Wildfire Smoke


One of the biggest threats to healthy air quality is smoke. Whether it’s cigarette smoke, fireplace smoke, or wildfire smoke, you need to be aware of how these can affect your home’s air quality and your health.

Currently, a large area of the western United States is seeing wildfires affect air quality and quality of life for many people. These wildfires release a large amount of particulate matter into the air, and the exact composition of the particulates depends on what the fire has burned in its path. Experts have put the air quality of wildfire smoke as the equivalent of smoking a dozen cigarettes each day.

For healthy adults, short term exposure to wildfire smoke is not much of an issue. However, for the elderly, children, and immune-compromised, short term exposure can lead to complicated problems such as increased blood pressure, decreased lung capacity, and increased risk of cancer.

When your area is at risk of wildfire smoke, it is very important to keep indoor air clean and healthy. You can do this with a quality ventilation system. Contact Zehnder America today to learn how to get the best ventilation system for your home.