Why Choose a Complete HRV or ERV System?

Much evidence points to a range of common issues in purchasing just a Heat Recovery Ventilator or Energy Recovery Ventilator unit and then piecing unspecified ducting and distribution components together. It’s not uncommon for an HRV/ERV to be installed incorrectly with improper duct sizing and distribution components.  It’s important to choose a manufacturer that offers an HRV system design strategy- the unit, ducting and air distribution components.  Also, just as important is a commissioning process to ensure that the system is installed correctly.  Zehnder provides not only the HRV or ERV unit but all the properly matched air distribution components to ensure the system is designed properly and the commissioning process to ensure the ventilation system functions optimally.

5 Common Problems when HRV or ERV Units Don’t Have Properly Matched Air Distribution Components

  1. Thermal (heat recovery) efficiency  is lower than expected
  2. Electrical consumption is higher than expected
  3. Flexible ductwork is installed with sharp bends, increasing air resistance and reducing the efficiency of the HRV/ERV
  4. Ductwork not insulated properly, which can causes problems with heat loss and/or condensation
  5. Noise level high so occupants turn off HRV/ERV