Virtual IAQ Home Tour Shows How We Affect Our Own Air Quality Daily


Americans spend more than half their time at home. That makes indoor air quality (IAQ) an important consideration.  

Bedroom in a homeSo, what causes poor indoor air quality and how can you help prevent some problems? Check out this virtual room-by-room interactive IAQ home tour from the EPA. It helps identify common IAQ concerns in different areas in a home and how the things people do every day contribute to our air quality. 

The good news is that a Zehnder HRV or ERV system can help alleviate IAQ worries in the home. Our systems provide balanced ventilation by continuously supplying fresh, filtered air while removing stale air, so that outdoor airborne contaminants don’t get into the home and any that are introduced into the home air in other ways are constantly removed in the exhaust.

In addition, ERV systems help keep indoor humidity at a constant level to prevent IAQ problems caused by excess moisture. And, both HRV and ERV systems can help keep home energy costs low by preserving up to 90% of the home’s heat. By following the everyday tips in the virtual house tour and adding balanced ventilation, your home’s air will be clean and healthy year round.  Contact us today for a quote.