Ventilation for Indoor Plants


Many people have some plants in their home. These can range from succulents on a windowsill to a full hydroponics garden in the kitchen. Plant life is beneficial for health benefits such as less CO2 in the air, a nice aesthetic, and reducing stress levels. However, many people can struggle with keeping plants alive without proper ventilation.

Plants are usually seen as a cheap way to get clean air because they take in CO2 and produce oxygen. However, adding plants to an airtight home can suffocate them. Proper ventilation in a home helps keep plants supplied with fresh air and allows them to avoid freezing or overheating.

Ventilation also helps plants keep the right moisture levels to help them grow. An environment that’s too humid can mean a plant won’t be able to take in the air it needs, while an environment that’s too arid can rob the plant of necessary nutrients. For indoor plants, this is even more of a problem because both the plant and the people living in the home need to be comfortable.

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