Hans-Peter Zehnder Tours North American Projects

Zehnder Group is a worldwide leader in advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation technologies. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Zehnder Group employs 3,200 people. Hans­-Peter Zehnder is a fourth generation owner of the company, chairman of the board of directors, and president of the Americas and Asia region.

Hans­Peter Zehnder recently visited the United States to view projects using Zehnder America’s Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems with David Chouvelon, vice president heading the Zehnder America business unit. “It is a good opportunity to visit customers and projects that have been equipped with our products,” says Zehnder. “It gives me first­hand information about where we are going in the future.”

During their visit, Zehnder and Chouvelon went to Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage in Belfast, Maine. This 36­unit community was built to the Passive House standard and uses Zehnder HRV systems to promote indoor air quality and comfort. Zehnder and Chouvelon spoke with both homeowners and the general contractor of the project, GO Logic.

They enjoyed visiting Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage because it highlights some of the larger multi­unit projects Zehnder America has been involved with in recent years. “This Ecovillage is an illustration that Zehnder systems are clearly valuable in many different types of projects, from a Habitat for Humanity project in River Falls, Wisconsin to various cohousing communities to New York City apartment buildings,” says Zehnder. “It is great to see our products being used on more affordable applications and to serve as a model for other builders to follow.”

During his tour of the northeastern United States, Zehnder also visited: ECOCOR, a high-performance builder of factory­built, panelized houses; Kaplan Thompson Architects, a sustainable architecture and design firm, and Bensonwood, a design­build firm. As the leader of a company that develops and produces heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, product innovation is very important to Zehnder.

“It is important to understand the national habits, standards, and technologies that are different from country to country,” he explains. “When we develop new products, we like to accommodate the countries we plan to work with. We can also more easily adapt a product if we have thought about the specific needs of different countries.

”Zehnder’s recent tour of the United States complements the Zehnder Group approach to serving heating and ventilation needs with innovative products and design assistance. Zehnder America provides HRV and ERV equipment and components, free quotations and designs, technical support, commissioning and installation training.

“It is not only the high­performance Zehnder HRV and ERV units that sets our company apart, but also the design work with dedicated air distribution components and silencers,” says Chouvelon.