Create a Sanctuary Room for Clean Home Air


Although air pollution is largely invisible to the naked eye, it is a top environmental threat. In many households, contaminated air is causing acute health conditions, including fatigue, sinus issues, and coughing.

Clean air is important for everyone and is essential for healthy living. Many contaminants are only identifiable by an odor or else go completely undetected.

Boosting the air quality of an entire home can be a daunting task, especially if you live in a large home or there is an issue with toxic mold and other contaminants. How can you protect your family from indoor air pollution and allergy triggers?

Create a Sanctuary Room for Clean Home Air

Often people with chemical or mold sensitivity choose one room to make especially safe. It is important to prevent mold-related Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, a condition caused by mold that causes inflammation in the body. A sanctuary room provides a safe option for people to minimize exposure to indoor toxins and possibly offers relief from health symptoms.

The air quality in the rooms where you spend most of your time is a top priority. For example, most people spend at least 7 hours a day in the bedroom, often longer than any other room in the home.

How to Promote Cleaner Home Air

There are two main ways to boost indoor air quality: ventilate the room properly and prevent pollutants from entering. When creating a sanctuary room, it is important to utilize both approaches.

It is essential to both bring in fresh air and exhaust contaminated air. If you don’t know how to get started making your home air cleaner, then start with a sanctuary room.

The ComfoAir-Series Ventilation Systems

The ComfoAir-series energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilator (HRVs)  are a balanced ventilation solution. The unit both exhausts stale, contaminated air and supplies fresh filtered air. They are quiet to operate and simple to maintain.

Bring Fresh Filtered Air In

Many homes do not have enough fresh air to dilute the accumulation of pollutants. The ComfoAir-series ERVs continuously brings fresh air into the room, diluting contaminants. The intake air is filtered, removing dust, smog, pollen, and mold particles.

“Indoor air quality is important for everyone to be comfortable and productive, but it’s especially important for people who are sensitive to mold, odors, chemicals, and dust,” says Christopher Smith, Regional Technical Sales and Business Development Manager for  Zehnder America.  “People with CIRS, asthma, allergies or other compromised health issues need a place within their home where they can go and find relief, so they rest up and recharge. Zehnder energy recovery ventilators are a great option for improving indoor air quality in this kind of sanctuary room.”

Exhaust Pollutants

In tightly constructed homes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), moisture, fumes, and stale air can get trapped indoors. Zehnder ERVs and HRVs continuously exhausts stale, polluted air and brings in an equal quantity of fresh, filtered air. The unit works around the clock to keep your indoor air safe and clean. Humidity and VOC sensors adjust the fan speed of the ERV or HRV, causing the unit to work harder as needed to control humidity and remove toxins.

Improve Air Quality Without Increasing Energy Costs

Zehnder ERV systems were designed to boost indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency. Unlike bathroom exhaust fans, the ventilator transfers heat from the exhaust air to the intake air, saving energy.  In summer, excess heat and humidity in the incoming air are transferred to the exhaust air.

Great for Retrofitting Existing Homes

These ERVs and HRVs are suitable for existing homes and new construction alike. The Zehnder team can assist in designing and commissioning the system.

Although we typically can’t see home indoor air pollution, it is important to protect ourselves from it.  From volatile organic compounds to excess humidity, Zehnder ERVs are a simple, clean air solution for sanctuary rooms and entire homes alike.