Ceiling Fans and Your Home’s Ventilation


80 million homes in America currently have ceiling fans. These fans have long been used as a method of cooling homes as well as providing aesthetic benefits. However, not everyone considers the effects that ceiling fans can have on ventilation or air quality.

Ceiling fans are useful for cooling a room. The actual temperature of the room won’t decrease from just a fan, but it can feel a few degrees cooler as it circulates. This can help with comfort in the home. Fans are also useful for adding a decorating touch to a room and extra lighting.

One thing a ceiling fan cannot do is improve air quality or ventilation in your home. Fans simply move the existing air in a room. If the air is low quality already, a fan can exacerbate existing health issues from dust or dander in the air.

If you want quality air in your home, you need to look at a quality air ventilation system instead of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can help cool the home and make it look nicer, but it works best when used in junction with a ventilation system.

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