Ventilation That Does More Than Suck: Intro to ERVs | BUILD WEBINAR


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See Zehnder America fresh air system in use in a Build Show fan's house.
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Matt Risinger goes through the Zehnder commissioning process.
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Tour Matt Risinger's house, including a Zehnder America system.
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Explore a Zehnder America fresh air system in the field with Hayward Healthy Homes.
Karuna Passive House HRV Supply Register
Beside being quiet, the Zehnder HRV is visually discreet. In this video, Skylar of Hammer & Hand takes a walk through the house and shows us the small supply and exhaust ports. He also explains why controlled, balanced ventilation makes sense in any house: Besides saving energy, increasing comfort, and guaranteeing good indoor air quality all year round, it’s really the only way to know where the house’s makeup air is coming from.
Zehnder Comfosystems
The whole house heat recovery ventilation system works continuously to extract moist, stale air from wet rooms (kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms) and supply fresh, filtered air to habitable rooms (bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms). Up to 90% of the heat in the extract air is recovered by the heat exchanger in the unit and used to heat the incoming fresh air.
Passive House: Brooklyn Review
Brooklyn Independent Television gives a great look at some Passive Houses in Brooklyn aiming to reduce heating and cooling by up to 90% and using Zehnder Ventilation.
Karuna Passive House Ventilation System
Explore the Zehnder America system installed at the Karuna Passive House.
Heat Recovery Ventilators - Optimal Indoor Air Quality for Energy-efficient Construction
In this presentation from Fairbanks, Alaska, you'll learn about the role of the Zehnder High-Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) in a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient home.

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