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Understanding the importance of indoor air quality and how system components impact the energy usage, comfort, and health of its occupants will help you in selecting an HRV/ERV. We’ve gathered materials to help you with learning more about this topic so you can make an informed decision. 

n the last several decades, buildings have become progressively airtight due to energy efficiency and cost concerns. While air infiltration and exfiltration rates have been significantly reduced, the need for an efficient ventilation system has become extremely important. Without proper ventilation, tight, energy-efficient construction risks mold, mildew, and indoor air quality issues. A high-performance heat recovery ventilation system ensures fresh, filtered air and a significant reduction of heating/cooling loads.

Online Courses

Online Course “Heat Recovery Ventilation: Why Efficiency Matters”

This AIA/GBCI approved course provides an overview of different types of mechanical ventilation systems and discusses why heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems are characterized by a high level of energy efficiency and as an effective means for improving comfort and indoor air quality in energy-efficient and high-performance construction.

Online Course “Healthy IAQ in Energy Efficient Buildings”

This course is an overview of why indoor air quality is so important to our health, and how to improve indoor air quality with a balanced ventilation system.


eBook “Selecting an HRV/ERV System”– Learn about the different HRV/ERV system components, sizing and efficiency testing options.

eBook “How to Improve Indoor Air Quality” – 7 benefits of using HRV or ERV systems.

Zehnder provides design work, installation support and commissions its systems. Our technical sales representatives will look at your plans and design a heat recovery ventilation system with proper air distribution components. After the installation, we commission (Quality Assurance Process) our systems to make sure that the installation was done correctly and will work as designed.

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