Zehnder’s ComfoValve Luna S125


The Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 supply air valve is suitable for installation on walls and ceilings. It has been developed for use in the supply air area of the air distribution system and can be combined with the Zehnder CLRF and Zehnder TVA-P grille housings or other air outlets with nominal sizes of DN 125.

Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S125 blends in with all architectural styles due to its discreet appearance. The optimized flow characteristics ensure silent and convenient operation. The supply air valve uses a wide outflow of air by means of the Coandă effect and avoids draughts in living areas at the same time.

It can be installed, commissioned and maintained without tools. The air volume can be adjusted externally to 25 different levels by turning the control. Once the air volume has been adjusted, the selected setting can be secured to prevent it from being modified inadvertently. After commissioning, the technical components are sealed in with the design panel. The seal ring allows the design panel to be inserted easily into place and forms a seal with the housing. The outflow angle can be limited from 360° to 240° in sensitive areas, such as over doors.

The optional Zehnder Air Blocker is available for this purpose. It can be retrofitted into the valve in the case of installation situations with increased requirements.

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