Zehnder Interview Series: Larry Ponziano, Technical Sales Representative

Interviewer: Could you introduce yourself?  

Larry Ponziano: I’m Larry Ponziano, Technical Sales Representative at Zehnder America. My background for the previous 25 years has been residential construction as a general contractor and I also hold an HVAC license. I have designed and built over 300 homes. In the last 5 years, we have begun building super-insulated homes with ultra-efficient HVAC systems. I have built and live in a Net Zero home for one year now, utility bill free.

Interviewer: How did you hear about Zehnder for your own home?

Larry Ponziano: I first heard about Zehnder from a professional recommendation from trade show contact.

Interviewer: What Zehnder equipment did you incorporate into your own home?

Larry Ponziano: I have the ComfoAir 350 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and the Comfofond Geothermal Pre-heater.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to incorporate Zehnder into your own home?

Larry Ponziano: My personal home is built to a very tight, .20 AC @ 50 Pascals. Balanced ventilation is not a luxury at this level, it is a necessity. Zehnder was my most affordable and best option. I really feel the Comfotube, registers, and grills were the best quality products I have ever seen in any HRV or HVAC installation. 3” ducting is also very easy to install.

Interviewer: What type of results have you received from the system?

Larry Ponziano: I am very pleased with the ease of installation, nearly a “plug and play” simplicity. I am very pleased with the comfort and performance of the entire system. I am achieving over 92% efficiency in heat recovery and wonderful comfort with the Comfofond.

Interviewer: How do you maintain the system?

Larry Ponziano: So far, I simply have changed the 3 filters ( 1 on Comfofond, and 2 on HRV) every six months. The wireless boosters have operated flawlessly and my home is nearly dust free.

Interviewer: Any other recommendations to homeowners?

Larry Ponziano: I would say the only element I would change is that I installed my HRV unit about 40 feet away from the area I penetrated the exterior for supply and exhaust air. It has not caused any problems, however, the shortest duct lengths and a central installation of the HRV is often good efficient planning.

Interviewer:  Great, that’s all the questions I have right now. Thanks for your time.