Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

November 30 is Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day. This day is the opposite of sick days—enjoy health and wellness instead of only staying at home because you’re physically suffering. For many people, an occasional day at home relaxing can have benefits for mental and physical health, especially if your home has good air quality.

Many psychiatrists and doctors see the benefits of staying home without being sick. An occasional “mental health day” allows you to process stress and prevent burnout at your job. This means you’ll have a better time with solving problems or making decisions. The source of stress can be anything—from family or work problems to the health of your home’s air.

Researchers have found that air pollution has a great impact on mental health. If your workplace has a lot of particulates in the air, then you can develop psychological stressors to avoid the bad air. Staying home, where you can control the air quality, is one way to deal with that stress. You can make sure your home’s air quality is safe by ensuring you have a good ventilation system, like the options available from Zehnder America.

If your workplace’s air quality is harming you, talk to your work about better filtration and ventilation. Zehnder America offers ventilation systems that are suitable for office buildings, schools, and other types of work environments. Contact us today to learn how your workspace can have healthier air.