New Clip System for Easier Zehnder HRV/ERV Installation


Zehnder America is proud to introduce a new bayonet clip system for the ComfoAir-series heat and energy recovery ventilators. This Twist and Click system was introduced to streamline the installation process in single and multi-family homes with the ComfoTube and ComfoFlex ventilation tubing.

Improved Indoor Air Quality Made Easier

Zehnder heat and energy recovery ventilators promote healthy indoor air quality by exhausting stale, contaminated air and supplying fresh, filtered air throughout living spaces. The new bayonet clip system allows both the Zehnder ComfoTube and the ComfoFlex ventilation tubing to be easily integrated, simplifying the installation process. Sealing rings are used to promote an airtight joint, further increasing the system’s durability.

“With the new Twist and Click system, you can connect both the ComfoTube and the ComfoFlex with the same connector,” says Norbert Wesely, North American Product Director. “The ComfoTube connects the same way as before with the slider to hold it in place. For the ComfoFlex, we added a male thread on the outside of the connector, allowing it to twist into the ComfoFlex Duct with a 15° turn that locks with a click. A seal on the bottom of the connector ensures airtightness.” -Simple Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

The new bayonet clip system was created because of Zehnder’s commitment to reducing the installation time of its HRVs & ERVs. Zehnder’s semi-rigid tubing is ideal for long duct runs and can be curved over and under obstacles including joists and pipes. This tubing eliminates the need for straight duct runs and dramatically decreases the number of joints, saving both time and money.

With the most energy efficient heat and energy recovery ventilator on the market, Zehnder systems are trusted to promote indoor air quality in projects with stringent green building performance rating systems including Passive House-certified projects. Using Zehnder components helps ensure that the HRV or ERV is operating at peak performance and efficiency.

To learn more about Zehnder HRVs & ERVs, as well as the new Twist and Click system, contact us or call (603) 601-8544.