Can the HRV/ERV unit be tied into a central HVAC ducting system?


No, it will cause an extreme imbalance between the fresh and extract air. The unit will not be able to function as designed and will greatly decrease transfer efficiency. Novus units are an exception, but still not recommended. It will only provide adequate ventilation to all rooms when the large central HVAC fan is running which is generally only a portion of the year.

Can the system with Geothermal Heat Exchanger (comfofond) be used to heat and cool my home?


No, it will preheat or precool the incoming air keeping the core from freezing and making the unit more efficient. For a 2000 sf house, the amount of cooling it can provide is usually less than 2000 BTUs (for humid climates this will slightly dehumidify the air). It will, however, help redistribute the conditioned air for an evener household temperature. For additional heating options, check out our sister site here.

How do I connect the wireless boost switch to my HRV?


1) Install the battery being careful to not bend the prongs (that go up the side of the battery and wrap to the top side, not bent down under the battery). 2) Unplug the HRV unit from the outlet and then plug it back in. This action now gives you a 10-minute window where the HRV is open to switch synchronization. 3) Simultaneously press the “1” button and the clock button on the boost switch. You will need to hold

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