Product Design

Zehnder develops a product design that also meets high aesthetic demands. The first design radiators are launched in the market – Zehnder Art Deco and Zehnder Sculptur.


Zehnder & Beutler Merge

Thanks to the merger of Zehnder and the radiator manufacturer Beutler in Lahr, the strong market position can be further consolidated. The first towel radiator (Zehnder Universal) is launched in the market. For the first time, a dual-use radiator has been developed.


Robert Zehnder invents tubular radiator

Robert Zehnder invents the tubular radiator (Zehnder Charleston). In contrast to the cast radiators used in those times, the Zehnder tubular radiator was a lot lighter, had better heat conductivity, was much more cost-effective to manufacture and had a more attractive appearance.


Light motorcycle manufactured

The brothers Walter and Robert Zehnder developed and built a light motorcycle that was manufactured in large numbers for many years.


Jakob Zehnder sets up a workshop

Jakob Zehnder sets up a workshop for bicycles, typewriters, sewing machines and washing machines in Gränichen in Switzerland.