ComfoAir 550 Now Passive House Certified

Our largest sized HRV, the ComfoAir 550, has successfully completed the rigorous Passive House certification process and now officially joins our exclusive line-up of PHI certified units. The Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany has meticulous standards to certify heat recovery ventilators. Certified equipment must pass stringent standards for thermal comfort, effective heat recovery rate, electrical power consumption, airtightness, balancing and adjustability, sound insulation, indoor air quality, and frost protection. The ComfoAir 550 aced these tests resulting in an effective heat recovery of 84% and an electrical power consumption rating of 0.31 W/m3/hr of electricity (0.53 W/cfm). These Passive House ratings are almost identical to our popular ComfoAir 350 model so we anticipate that we will be achieving similar HVI apparent sensible effectiveness ratings in the 91% to 93% range. With a capacity rating of 324 cfm at 0.8 inches W.C. the ComfoAir 550 is an excellent choice for a larger residence or light commercial project where comfort, efficiency, and quiet operation are desired.