Poor Indoor Air Quality Hurts Productivity


Studies have linked worker productivity, mood, and cognitive function to indoor air quality, but ventilation solutions exist for healthier indoor air. Poor Indoor Air Quality Hurts Worker ProductivityAs companies seek to improve their bottom line, many examine worker productivity as a means of cutting costs and boosting revenue. Worker productivity, measured by the goods and services produced in an hour, has been on a downward slide, according to recent reports. Indoor pollutants are increasingly recognized as affecting overall health, but studies are

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Passive House: Is It Worth the Cost?


When building a home, the material selection and design impact the energy bills, durability, and indoor air quality for decades. Going beyond code requirements in home insulation, air sealing, and heat recovery ventilation saves energy and boosts occupant comfort. These features also increase the project’s cost. Although there are many advantages to building to the Passive House standard, is it worth the additional upfront cost? What is the Passive House standard? Passive House is a rigorous international building standard for energy efficiency in

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Zehnder: Benefits of a Continuously Ventilated Bathroom


Does your bathroom have mold growth around the shower, cabinets, and fixtures? Does your bathroom have stale air, excessive odors, or a musty smell? Common problems like these may be affecting your bathroom without you even realizing. Here are the facts about these issues and how to fix them before they start harming your indoor air quality. Issue: Exhaust Fans May Not Properly Vent the Bathroom Bathroom humidity levels rise during and after bathing and other activities. In most cases, this problem

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Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution


Contrary to popular belief, indoor air is commonly two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Studies confirm this trend in rural and urban dwellings alike. This suggests that builders and occupants have a lot of options when it comes to minimizing exposure to pollutants. Indoor air quality ranks as one of the top five environmental health risks, and numerous illnesses are linked to airborne contaminants. Gaining an awareness of common sources of indoor

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Joseph Lstiburek’s Concern About Indoor Air Quality


Builders, architects, and engineers are seeking ways to create smarter homes that use less energy, have greater comfort, and are more durable. Now more than ever, many new homes have innovative wall systems that prevent thermal bridging, air barriers that solve condensation issues in walls, and are air sealed to stop drafts. High levels of indoor air pollutants, mold, and pollen can erode the health of homeowners. To truly build smarter homes, high indoor air quality is essential. Joseph Lstiburek, a

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ComfoAir 70 Profiled by the Journal of Light Construction


Shortly after Zehnder America announced the release of its new ComfoAir 70 energy recovery ventilation unit in the North American market, the Journal of Light Construction profiled the installation of the first two units in the United States. The article, entitled “Effective, Retrofit ERV,” examines how the ComfoAir 70 can be installed without ductwork, creating a simple ventilation solution for existing apartments and homes. Writer Ted Cushman explains how the ComfoAir 70 energy recovery ventilator transfers both humidity and heat between the

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How to Choose an Energy Recovery Ventilator


As concern about indoor air quality increases, many homeowners and building professionals are seeking energy-efficient solutions. Proper ventilation that brings fresh air into the home while exhausting stale or contaminated air can significantly boost indoor air quality. Energy recovery ventilators are an important feature of many effective ventilation strategies, but their features vary widely between units. Energy Transfer Rate Heat recovery ventilators transfer energy from the exhaust air to the intake air, reducing utility costs. This means that a certain percentage of heat is

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In recent decades, homes and buildings have become progressively more airtight to achieve cost savings, energy efficiency, and home-owner comfort. As a result, a variety of airborne pollutants are reaching high levels inside many of these buildings, sometimes creating health issues or triggering allergies and asthma symptoms for building occupants. As air infiltration and exfiltration rates decline, there is a greater need and demand for energy-efficient ventilation to both remove and dilute contaminants. Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are important

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Award Won for Alta Lake Passive House


Innovative and distinguished projects from across the globe were recently celebrated at the 2016 Wood Design Awards in British Columbia, Canada. The 12th annual event showcased projects from single-family homes to large public buildings, demonstrating what is possible with wood and world-class design expertise. The impressive Alta Lake Passive House in Whistler, British Columbia won the Environmental Performance Award for demonstrating a significant contribution to boosting the overall environmental performance of a building. Zehnder America applauds the project achievements and the opportunity to

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Steeple Chase Builders Retrofit: Homeowners Impact


Spotlight on Indoor Air Quality Steeplechase Builders recently retrofitted an expanded Cape home in southern New Hampshire with a Zehnder Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) system. The couple who owned the house air-sealed it a few years prior for energy efficiency Though they were able to gain energy efficiency, the t lack of adequate ventilation caused poor indoor air quality and visible mold growth occurred within months. When one of the residents became ill with mold toxicity, and later Lyme disease, improving indoor air quality became

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