Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

As we begin to heat up for the summer up here in New Hampshire, southern states have already been well into the nineties with formidable humidity levels. July 3rd marks the beginning of the national “Air Conditioning Appreciation Days,” which span until August 15th. It serves as a reminder of what a luxury that a cool indoor climate during this season is. It may be hard to remember a time where air conditioning was not a given, but it has barely been a century since its first basic invention by Willis Carrier in 1902. With resource conservation being a focus today, conserving the electricity (and the fuels that generate it) used in air conditioning is something we’re proud to play a part in.

It can be difficult to maintain both energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality, but with a Zehnder ERV, you can have just that! So, grab a cold drink, go outside, breathe in the pollen, motor fumes, mold spores, and BBQ smoke. Then, come back into a cool home whose air is kept clean and fresh by one of our ComfoSystems. Put us to work so you can save money on ventilation costs and breath freely this summer!

Here’s to hot days, blue skies, and good times.

  • The Zehnder America Crew