Want to Test Your Home’s Air?

Home Air Check for Healthy Indoor Air

Is the air in your home or office safe? Home Air Check kits are a reliable and affordable DIY method to test indoor air. Click here to get yours now. 

Your air quality doesn’t have to be a mystery. Home Air Check kits test for hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs or airborne chemicals), actively growing mold, toxic formaldehyde, and tobacco smoke.

At Zehnder America, we know that many people are concerned about their indoor air quality. Zehnder is collaborating with Home Air Check to help provide our customers with valuable information about air quality.

How Does it Work?

Home Air Test

Many home air tests are costly, and most cheaper tests are not accurate. The Home Air Check kits are a cost-effective way to gather this vital information because it doesn’t require a technician to visit your home or office.

There are several kits available that test for different contaminants. Simply use the sampling pump to collect an air sample and use the pre-paid shipping label to send the sample and test equipment to an accredited laboratory. You will receive a detailed report via email within five business days. Get your kit now!

Types of Kits Available

home air test kits

The report is easy to read and indicates if there are concerning levels of pollutants by using a contamination index. VOCs are broken down into various categories including personal care products, dry cleaning solvents, and paints and varnishes. There is also phone or email support available to answer your questions. Keep in mind that accurate test results depend on following the simple directions.

Many people suspect that the airborne contaminants in their homes and offices are making them sick. Home Air Check tests provide the answers, and Zehnder ventilation products help provide clean air solutions.

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How Do You Test? Watch this video.