6 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

With summer in full swing, many families are looking for ways to lower their cooling bills. High summer temperatures and humidity can cause your electric bills to skyrocket in the summer months. Follow these tips to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down.

Turn off your air conditioner at night

If you live in a climate with cool nighttime temperatures, turn your cooling system off at night and use the windows for ventilation. In the morning, before it warms up too much, close the windows again to keep in the cool temperatures.

Use window treatments to keep the sunlight out

The sun passively heats your home through the south, east, and west-facing windows. If you don’t have them, install blinds, curtains, or shades to keep the unwanted summer sun out of your home. Blackout curtains are the best, and they also provide insulating qualities in the winter. Be sure to close the east-facing window treatments in the morning and the west-facing window coverings in the afternoon.

Avoid using the dryer, oven, and dishwasher during the day

Although these appliances make our lives easier, they also put off a lot of waste heat. Whenever possible, avoid using the dryer, over, and dishwasher at the hottest part of the day. If you do run the oven, try to bake several things at once so you can use it less frequently. Consider using a grill instead of the stove or oven to keep your home temperatures down.

Run a fan

Although fans don’t lower your indoor temperatures, they do make it feel cooler. Therefore, just use a fan while you are in the room.

Insulate the attic

Although it is well known that insulating and air sealing the attic helps cut heating bills and winter energy use, the same is true for keeping your home cool in the summer. Your roof can get very hot in the summer, and it is important to keep this heat out of your home by weatherizing it.

Install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV)

ERVs bring a constant stream of fresh, filtered air into the home throughout the year. During the warmer months, ERVs exhaust stale, contaminated air and pre-cool incoming air. In addition, if you live a climate with humid summers, the ERV also helps remove excess moisture. These features can help reduce your reliance on air conditioning by keeping your home comfortable.

Zehnder energy recovery ventilators are the most energy-efficient units on the market. They use significantly less energy than an air conditioner and help solve many indoor air quality issues.